No, although there was a bit of an art festival in October, I didn’t participate. Instead, I decided to go the Etsy route, hoping for long-term results. I have listed a few paintings that can be downloaded as prints and can be framed as 8x10s. I suppose if you have a wide format printer you could do even more.

Meanwhile I found myself wandering down the “junk journal” path and began crafting a Christmas journal/album a a gift for a friend. That led me to even more listings on Etsy of some journal pages.

There are thousands of such listings on Etsy but maybe mine will get found. And it has been lots of fun, creating the pages, printing them out and playing with them. This, then, led me to organizing collections of designs, old files of drawings, photographs, tracings from the last decade and now there are piles of things I can’t wait to use.

I am so anxious for the presidential back-and-forth to be over. Realizing even after Election Day it will most likely go on awhile longer, I have hopes that it will resolve something and we can all breathe again. While we are at a standstill as a country it really helps to use crafting and painting to occupy the time. It keeps my hands busy so I don’t tear my hair out.

We are still healthy in my house, for now, but Texas isn’t free of the virus. It feels like a bad science fiction movie.

As it has been said, keep hope alive!

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