Do you watch Maremi? Perhaps you do, because she has 273k followers on YouTube, but I just found her channel last week. And it has been a godsend.

It’s not just because she is informative in her teaching of various techniques with mixed media projects, although I have learned some things from her. But what to me is more important is the lift she gives to my day. She chats as she works, almost stream-of-consciously, and her voice is not only soothing but enlightening in a way as one can see her parenting skills and learn from her in that area as well. And she can be a positive influence to anyone.

Lord knows we’ve had some dark days, with perhaps more to come as we all struggle toward the end of 2020. Covid continues to ravage even those who don’t believe it’s real, idiots and grifters rant on TV and just will not go away, the stock market (indicative of nothing) continues up and then down and then up and somehow that’s on the news. So I needed a distraction from the horror show.

Because I have been making junk journals and working on items for my Etsy shop, I had been watching a few favorite crafters on YouTube for new ideas. Somehow the #MaremiSmallArt showed up on autoplay and I quickly became addicted. I still have not seen all the Maremi videos but I turn her on every day for the “lift” she gives me. I’ve been painting and playing with mixed media for many years now, so I have most of the products she uses and more. I even used to be a distributor for Ranger.

Earlier this month I was deciding what to discard, what to donate, what to keep handy in my messy studio. I found things I had forgotten about. I finally learned how to use that staple board from WeR. I believe I have all their aqua colored tools (including a pom pom maker. What was I thinking??) There are things I had buried way back in the closet, assuming I’d never need them.

Several years ago I donated big boxes of products to the art department of a local school, and I will be doing that again. But still there is an excess of paraphernalia to go through. I will get it done before year end. Promise.

Meanwhile I turn to Maremi SmallArt channel for inspiration so she can trigger in me new ideas as well as an upbeat attitude about our world. Created by Marta Lapkowska her shop was named for herself and her daughter Emily. Now her youngest child, Hannah, is nearly 3 and sometimes works on her own projects off camera.  Marta is from Poland and she lives now in Ireland.

She says some people don’t like the interruptions of her daughters, but I enjoy her interactions with them. Her patience and respect for her children is such a far cry from the norm and truly inspiring.

And somehow she runs a shop, posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, records videos nearly every week, while I struggle to blog here once a month! I remind myself, however, that she is half my age. Maybe that’s why.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this marvelous young mother.

Here is a link to her shop.  https://maremismallart.com

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